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A Concept Paper on the Idea of a Beautiful Woman As Portrayed By Media Media is the means of communication as radio and television, newspaper, magazines, and the Internet, that reach or influence people widely ( As of today media has a big influence to the perspective of everyone who uses it. It has a strong impact to people that it can change the way on how we perceive things or in just simply how we react in one thing. Images in today's media portray an unrealistic standard of beauty that can influence many women, and can ultimately affect their opinion on beauty itself.(Anna Campbell, When media illustrate or characterize woman in media many woman get self-conscious to it and try to mimic what they have seen.…show more content…
It is all simple what our naked eyes can see this days are not all true. Because before they deceived our eyes with those beautiful faces we saw in media, there are many procedure in it. It starts with the photoshoot, how the model prepare for this shoot. Most of the woman we can see in the billboards, advertisements or T.V. Commercials and etc. They are chosen wisely that they just need to change little features to the face and body of the woman to be portrayed. For me most of the woman in the advertisement is presented to look teasing and can make you think of your wildest thoughts. They picture a woman to look lustful just clearly to get attentions to the one who will see it. We can rarely see woman wearing dresses in billboards, it’s more often to see woman wearing bikinis and many more obscene or indecent type of clothes. This is a problem today, where women’s try to imitate the clothing ways that are only meant for models in the media industry. For this reason it is too risky in our country to wear those type of clothes. For the people who live in our country is lewd and lustful nowadays. Another aspect on how media portrays a beautiful woman is their weight or their body statistics. The thinner you are the more beautiful you will be for the eyes of today’s people. “Almost all forms of the media contain unrealistic images.”(Kasey L. Serdar) Yes it’s true all the beautiful faces we can see at the…show more content…
In every social media sites you will engage to its inevitable to see person discriminating a picture of a woman’s picture and commenting harsh words. Women’s of this generation should be awaken on the things they are believing the ways on how to be beautiful. They need to know that it is all fake and being who they really are will not defy what is beautiful or not. “God doesn’t make ugly humans” I don’t know who invented this quote but this quote should be in every minds of every woman today. They don’t need to change their ways. For its all the people who is around them who need to change. We need to stop judging others on how they look. We don’t really know the effort they give in just to look at that. But still this is impossible, for all the person in this world had different concepts and interpretations to the so called ‘Beautiful Woman’. We including me and you should stop fat-shaming, It’s not fun maybe it can be funny to the crowd you made to laugh with the weight of that girl. But that girl maybe now she had eating disorders and anxiety because of what you had done. The black toned woman you discriminate maybe now she is trying so many skin whitening products and worse-case scenario maybe she is taking pills just to attain the perfect image of a beautiful woman you have or had in your mind. It all

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