Essay On Why Do People Manipulate The Truth

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Truth is the facts given straight not bent or softened to spare feelings, a truth is a pure fact. Which is why people manipulate the truth at times because blunt facts can be painful to hear. For example, if a friend's boyfriend cheated on them it would be easy for both parties if you just lied or bent the truth slightly but the truth is necessary. However there are certain times when the truth is not necessary, yes most of the time it is best to tell people the truth but sometimes it's better not to. For example, if a child were to ask if Santa was real then it's better to lie because occasionally people are better off being spared the truth even if it's just for a little while. That way the child can be happy for a while because the truth is inevitable and will eventually be found…show more content…
When we do simple things we teach each other and have a lasting impact on them. With every generation, people get better than the one before by learning from their mistakes and figuring out what works. If there was no meaning to our existence, we wouldn't have those gut instinct that tells people when something is or wrong or right, people wouldn't feel happy when they do something nice for others, and people wouldn't end up exactly where they need to be at the right moment. There is a meaning to our existence because if there wasn't then nothing would exist at all. Even if there was no greater power, giving or existence meaning there would still be meaning and it would be to make a lasting imprint on the world that would help better it for the future and the people that will come after us. For example, my best friend left a lasting impact on me that help me be a better person, her life had meaning because she had an impact on the people around her. This is what gives life meaning because if we helped no one or had no effect on the world, it would almost be like you never

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