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The song Written by the Beatles, more notably George Harrison was released on September 26th, 1969 on the album, Abbey Road. The song is one of the best-known compositions from the Beatles era. This song is deemed important as many of the Beatles songs are, but more importantly due in part because this was written by Harrison, majority of the songs written by the Beatles were by Lennon-McCartney. Here Comes The Sun has a folk influence with a series of verse/refrain pairs “sun, sun, sun, here it comes…”. The prominent role of the use of the acoustic guitar led by Harrison and the use of a moog synthesizer emphasizes a laid back mood in the song. This is perfect for what Harrison was trying to display across the Beatles and his fans at the…show more content…
Upon taking thing class I haven’t listened to the Beatles or even give the Beatles a second glance when I heard them playing on a radio or my father playing music through out the house, which was the Beatles. I find it hard to believe that nobody could be happy listening to this song on a gloomy day or simply feeling down. George Harrison stated, “it was such a great release for me simply being out in the sun…the song just came to me.” Harrison truly made a masterpiece when he made this song in1969. The song “departs from its play-in-a-day simplicity only for the warmth of a major seventh on the second repeat of the title phrase in each chorus” (Mcdonald 356). The use of a middle bridge, offbeat metrical patterns and chord choices signify influences the music. I chose this song because not only do I not know a lot about the Beatles at first when approaching this class,but when listening to the songs in class this song hit me the most. I was going through a rough time this summer in my personal life and listening to this song just gives hope, it’s the constant reminder that everything will be okay. Keep pushing forward in life, “the sun is coming”. The metaphor that Harrison used with the sun is perfect in the sense that the sun is radiant, bright and clears the sky of all the darkness enabling you to see as clear as
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