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The pledge of allegiance has been recited in school since the times of one room schoolhouses! There are arguments every day with people of different parties and opinions. There are many reasons people are satisfied or dissatisfied with the recitement. The Pledge of Allegiance has been an American tradition for a very long time. While many people believe it is forced upon kids, in reality it is optional. Our pledge has a plethora of history. Francis Bellamy wrote the great pledge in 1892 for Columbus day. The original pledge states “ I pledge allegiance to my flag .” In 1923, there was an alteration stating “ The flag of the United States of America.” The knights of columbus accomplished a great goal of persuading President Dwight D. Eisenhower to sign the…show more content…
How is a U.S. soldier obligated to feel if the pledge is forced out of schools? A son/daughter of one who sacrificed his life for the country, doesn’t even have the opportunity to pledge their allegiance. The pledge is considered a patriotic practice rather than a religious practice (Lindsay).Jesse Ventura once said “There is much more to being a patriot and a citizen than reciting the pledge or raising a flag. The pledge did not include God for over 50 years! The government understands that stating it’s patriotic doesn’t eliminate the Atheist’ believing “ under God” is an insult. It’s just that everyone can not be satisfied and there are more believers than non. Given that, the pledge is still optional. Why are people fighting so hard to get it discontinued when it’s a choice? The supreme court of West Virginia has ruled the forcing of the pledge unconstitutional and not required (Cline). So there are minorities winning battles. If you seriously prefer your kids to have to say it, then tell them to bow their head and not participate in the recitement. America wants nothing but peace, and the pledge is an act of

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