Bar Graph Research Paper

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A. A bar graph. B. The food eaten. C. The food source. D. The apple, because the slugs ate the most apple in grams. E. The variation of a slug’s diet F. A bar graph compares groups of data. Because the experiment is comparing the diets of slugs, which is a group of data a bar graph is the perfect graph. A. A line graph. B.The Number of days. C. The food Eaten. D. Number of Days Food Eaten(Grams) 0 0.0 1 1.0 2 3.5 3 5.5 4 8.5 5 11.0 6 13.5 7 16.5 E. The quantity of food consumed by newborn chicks. F. A line graph shows progression over time, and the experiment is showing the amount of food new born chicks eat, which is an example of progression over time. A. A line graph. B. The years. C. The bird species. D. The population of endangered

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