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"I am not scared." This is a famous quote by the main character, Apple; it is amazing how three words can completely describe a character in such a brief manner of how much grit she possesses as an individual. Gimme Shelter carries an extravagant, compelling story describing a true story of a sixteen year old with such significant inspiration. Gimme Shelter has an atmosphere of violence, but also love and hope for the main character whilst obstacles are faced throughout the journey. The director creates a tense atmosphere for the audience whilst making the movie desirable and interesting. My overall reaction was happy because the end was perfect. What left me satisfied was the fresh beginning of the main character at the end of the story. The movie…show more content…
This horrifying event caused a tense atmosphere for the audience and provided a horrible reflection of the mother through the eyes of the daughter. I feel that the daughter after the mothers’ action, no longer wanted anything to do with the mom. Another enthralled scene displayed was when Apple shouted at the priest guy whom was staunched to help her get through her tough experiences. He had treated her like family by staying by her side when she needed a friend and she yelling at him was just terrible. I was shocked the way she treated him because he was extremely polite towards her. I strongly believe that Apple might have acted this way because she was not used to having a friend by her side when she was going through difficult obstacles. She was so used to depending on herself and was probably threatened when he advised her to turn towards God and have faith. If in her position, anyone would go crazy when told to be faithful in God because of the tough situations they had to face throughout their life which made them feel that God’s mercy isn’t there

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