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Louisiana Voodoo under her jurisdiction contained strong Africa and sexual traits, as now related: St. John’s Day was a “yearly Voodoo event” of supreme significance. One who wrote about it said that not only was Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau in attendance but hundreds of whites, blacks, quadroons and mulattoes. Marie ordered everyone to undress and later gave them half an hour for recreation. Then the crowd scattered promiscuously. Upon the end of recreation they came back together, sang a song and ate. Afterward the fire was put out from under the pot by four nude black women with white handkerchiefs on their heads.32 During a Voodoo gathering the wild chanting, the rhythmic movement of hands and feet, the barbarous dance, and the fiery incantations were at their height, it was difficult to believe that we were in a civilized city of an enlightened republic.33 “If I ever realized a sense of the real visible presence of his majesty, the devil, it was that night among his Voudou worshippers.” 34 It was so wild and bizarre that one might easily imagine he was in Africa or in hell. 35 √ fact check.... Voodoo, a pagan religion, is…show more content…
Blacks and slaves practiced their Voodoo religion inclusive of Voodoo ceremonies. In the “speaking in tongues” rite of a Louisiana Voodoo ceremony individual members implored the Voodoo god. The Voodoo King would listen patiently until the “spirit” moved him. Thereupon he would place the Voodoo Queen on the ornate box containing the snake oracle. Then, simultaneous to her seating on the box containing the oracle, or soon afterwards, the Queen convulsed and talked through “spirit lips” in an unknown tongue. 36 Such spirit possession, accompanied by “speaking in tongues” is common in Voodoo!

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