Descriptive Essay On Burj Khalifa

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Birds are lucky. They are very, very lucky. I learned this when I visited Dubai with my family and saw the tallest building in the world - Burj Khalifa. Now, let me start from the beginning. I woke up that day very excited about the tour of the building. I heard about it many times before and a lot of my classmates have been to it. I was eager to see it up close. The morning was sunny and hot, pretty much like any other morning in Dubai. My family and I went out for breakfast. We were eating delicious fruit, on comfortable chairs, surrounded by tall palm trees. I couldn’t imagine anything more peaceful than this. Our tickets to mount the building were booked for later that afternoon. We still had plenty of time to relax. We decided to go to…show more content…
It was ginormous. The line for taxis to leave the parking was very long which proved that the mall was a great tourist attraction. My first impression when we stepped through the door was that it felt unusually small. But then we went up the escalator and my eyes flew wide open. The ceiling seemed to be miles away, shops were stacked side by side stretching out for many meters. We walked around and slowly realized that it was very easy to get lost. So we found a cafe that was next to the entrance to Burj Khalifa and sat down. It felt very weird being in this mall. It was, indeed, very cool but I didn’t feel right. It was very amusing but I couldn’t see a theme, therefore, it seemed a little messy to me. I pushed that thought aside and focused on the world around me. Hundreds of people were passing by me every second. Tourists, citizens, children, men, women. It seemed like all of Dubai came to this mall to see it. We ordered a some drinks. I decided on a fresh, cold mango juice. When the waitress came back with our drinks I tasted the mango juice. The rich and full taste of it filled my mouth, it was not like juices that were very watery. This drink was smooth and almost like a mousse. I was ready to go on the…show more content…
It was weird because the tower was connected to the mall with an underground tunnel. The entrance was located at the beginning of the tunnel, thus, in the mall. We gave our tickets and got into the waiting line. My dad purchased tickets that went to the 148th floor instead of the 125th floor. We were asked to proceed into a waiting room where they gave us dates and chocolate. Minutes passed and a woman came in. She asked to give her all lighters, sunglasses, heavy items, and anything sharp. Then, they led us in through security and into the main tower. To my surprise the bottom of the tower seemed very cramped, just like the mall. Maybe it was because the elevators weren’t the most important part. We proceeded into an elevator and then the magic began. The elevator began rising. The lights turned off and a screen showed the speed and height we were travelling at. This elevator was faster than usual. We zoomed past the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th floors. My ears got blocked, but that didn’t matter. We were higher than the Eiffel Tower, we were higher than the Empire State Building! The realization was very weird, but I loved the feeling. We reached the final floor and stepped out of the elevator. The room was bright and lit up. It had grey and white couches. A waiter gave us some smoothies and treats. Then we proceeded to the windows. What I saw next was mesmerizing. I looked through the window and into the world below. Tiny specks were driving

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