Evil In Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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Agustin Parraguez Mrs. Edleman English 7th Hour What is Evil? An element of evil is the loss of integrity. When leaders put their own wants and needs before others and their own thirst for power, their selfishness is an element of evil. In order to battle evil, you need to develop a good morale compass. The “Lord of the Flies” tells the story of a group of boys that lose their adult guides and societal norms and expectations and are left free to abandon those rules and do as they wish. They crashed and lost all of their previous balances and boundaries. On the island, the boys abandoned their leader who had a strong moral compass to follow the leader who was for evil. How they organized themselves was based on rankings made before the crash. They formed a society based on their relationships, their established hierarchy from school where they had a choice of leaders, one good, one evil. At school, where they were held accountable by a higher authority, good won. On the island evil won. Gradually with the abandonment of rules that guided them towards good they turned to evil, evidenced in their dehumanization of others,loss of individualization, their animal instinct to survive and in the a mob mentality of the many overcoming the individual.…show more content…
When the boys painted themselves they were all in a sort of disguise, they “are anonymous in uniform. If they change appearance they kill torture, mutilate.” There is power in staying anonymous while not being held responsible for their actions. The book represents a blind obedience of the boys to the authority of Jack. The boys were ruled over by Jack alone and obey his orders and demands. They look to him for all the solutions. They passively follow their leader, in full conformity, in a place with no higher or wiser authority, an unfamiliar place and situation where personality and morality are

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