The Cosmological Argument: Can You Prove God Exist?

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Year 8 Assessment PRS: God Can you prove God exists? Name: Prisha Mirpuri Class: 08Q1 Some people believe that you cannot prove that God exists. However, there are many others who can point to well-reasoned arguments to demonstrate God’s existence. I will explain one of them which is called the Cosmological Argument. Thomas Aquinas said that everything has a cause but nothing caused God. God was the first cause which means God is transcendent. The rules of our world don't apply to God as God is outside of our world. On the other hand the people who believe that you cannot prove that God exist see problems with the argument. They say that the argument does not prove God exists because there was such thing as the Big Bang theory. The big bang…show more content…
The philosopher, William Paley, used the idea of design to try and prove the existence of God. He compared the human world to a watch. He said “Walking through the hills you come across a watch. You notice how complex it is. It could not have happened by chance/accident. It must have had a ‘DESIGNER’.’’ The universe is far more complicated than a watch. If a watch has a designer then surely the universe has. He also gave an example about the human eye. The human eye is super complicated so it must have a designer. So the same thing applies for the universe. The only thing powerful enough to design and make the universe is God…SO… God must exist. God is…show more content…
I am Hindu religion and in our religion we worship and pray to many Gods.There are 330 million Hindu Gods. There is but One Consciousness.The forms are many and varied, according to the mindset of the devotees who worship this One Consciousness.There are as many God images in this world as there are imaginations about this One Consciousness. I believe in Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Hanuman and Radha Krishna. Hinduism is one of the oldest known religions. Hindus have a wide variety of core beliefs. I have complete faith in these Gods. When a person does not believe in God, they are an Atheist. When a person is unsure if there is a God or not they are Agnostic. All the arguments that I choose have a very good reason to believe in God but they were all

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