Jeremy Lin Stereotypes

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Jeremy Lin was an overnight great. Jeremy went from being a undrafted player in the NBA to being a star presence that a lot of basketball organizations wanted on their team. Fans of basketball could not believe how great he was being an Asian basketball player. Jeremy Lin was born in Los Angeles California. He was like normal children growing up playing some type of sport, but the problem was he had Taiwanese in his blood. When Jeremy was a senior in high school, he led his team to win thirty-two games and suffered only one loss.Jeremy went to Harvard after he graduated.However, he wanted to go to Stanford to play for their basketball team, but the Stanford reunites did not pick him because the was Asian. Once he became the starting guard for the…show more content…
Maybe ESPN and because they talk about sports, but the wash stone post and CNN would have never brought it up unless it was some type of scandal. The media are looking at him for his race because it does not embody the normal stereotype that happens in sports. According to toTouré from thinks “Things can get really perilous for anyone doing things outside the traditional script for their race or gender. That’s when they’re apt to feel more stress because they don’t want to embody the stereotype. They may even decide to quit trying because the shame of trying hard and still confirming the stereotype is painful: it wreaks havoc on the need to see themselves as individuals”(pg:1). The media is trying to find the stress that's in Jeremy Lin to tell the people that readers their article about him.On the other hand, that's the only thing that is being covered in their writing. They barely mention anything about his basketball career growing up. It more not being pick in the NBA draft and not enough about the joy he had just played the sport growing

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