Art During The Industrial Revolution

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Without the Industrial Revolution, we as people of the world wouldn’t be where we are today by means of industrial advancements, technology and transportation. The example of a primary source I have is a piece of art, said to be a wooden engraving by, by Granger named “Sheffield England.” The engraving is of the town of Sheffield and it shows the factories that were built during the revolution done in 1884. Beyond just the image of Sheffield, the etched art also shows advancements made during the Industrial Revolution. The common person should know that before the revolution these factories would not have been in place. The area could have simply been a grassy place to fish or have family picnics. Clearly, this art now shows it has been made into an industrialized city where goods can be shipped from place to place along this river. Thought, the irony within this piece of art is shown within the caption on the bottom. It is said to be a clear day, though the sky is covered with smoke and smog from the factories. Years before the Industrial Revolution, people of Sheffield wouldn’t have had this issue with smog in the sky.…show more content…
There were advancements in technology, agriculture and machinery. Technological and machinery advancements go hand in hand during this time, as technology back then wasn’t the same types of technology as we have today. This is the time when things went from all being man made to being produced by machines, run by man. While agriculturally, plows powered by animals were now able to be run on oil. Transportation was also made easier during this time. Trains and boats were now able to be run by coal, which was a readily available
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