Mount Vesuvius Analysis

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Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. The explosion, lava and resulting ash destroyed a few settlements, most memorably, Pompeii. It was a terrible tragedy, and still hasn’t been forgotten by history. Especially not by me, if I count as history. Although its most remarkable performance transpired nearly two millennia ago, it hasn’t stopped causing trouble. Last year, I finally worked up the courage to ask a girl to my junior Prom. Following the ongoing “go big or go home” trend that has been working it’s way throughout my class—featuring such memorable “prompositions” as hiring the concert choir to serenade a girl with a love song—I decided to do the biggest thing that I could think of: I took out an ad in the school paper. While I have since realized that this may not have been the best strategy out there—on quite a few metrics—I hunkered down for about a week while the issue completed its irreversible journey from the presses to the classrooms. It was a wait so agonizing that even my most liberal estimates couldn’t have accounted for it. There were countless possibilities that could have thrown various sizes of wrenches into the works. Had she been asked by someone else beforehand, I would have been forced by the instincts that I had picked up from watching TV to snatch up all of the papers before anybody had a chance to read them.…show more content…
The long-awaited words finally escaped her lips… as she kindly informed me that, unfortunately, she would be in Seattle that day, perusing a Pompeii exhibit with her

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