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Beal Street Neighborhood Clinic is located in the Southern Chicago community. The clinic serves and facilitates outpatient health care needs Tuesday through Thursday and occasionally closed on holidays. Beal Street Neighborhood Clinic currently has 32 fulltime and 2 part time employees working at their independent non-profit outpatient clinic. The clinic as of date makes 7.1 million in annual revenues, with frequent government grants and miscellaneous donations. 2. This case study is revolved around reconstructing the current Paid Leave Plans into Paid Time Off Plans at Beal Street Neighborhood Clinic. This reconstruction is not projected to cost much to the organization. The conversion of the 2 plans will still allow the organization to…show more content…
Both plans give the employee the same amount of paid days off, they differ in the fact that Paid leave groups days off into categories such as vacation leave, sick leave, and personal leave, and paid holidays. Where as paid time off plan just bucket together all the paid days off, not making a employee classify which category they want there day off to go under. Paid time off seems to have advantages and leave employers and employees with less of a hassle. PTO gives employee say amount of days off but avoids excuse. One recommendation would to leave in sick days, this allows employee to have fallback days for being sick so they aren’t forced to come to work sick. For example, if you give workers 40 days off if they use all 40 for vacation and holiday and later in the year they become sick, they have to choose but to come to work. Putting the organization in jerpody of everybody getting sick, especially important for Beal Street since they are a clinic dealing with all ill patients. The reason for bucketing all the paid leave together is because the highest percentages of leave days excluding sick days were used of vacation (98%) and personal days (86%). Vacation and personal days are very similar and can be used interchangeably, by just combining all the leave days it avoids excuses and confusion. The data also showed most satisfaction with PTO plans around…show more content…
• Do you think the new and innovative leave plan can help your organization gain competitive advantage when it comes time to the hiring process? • Do you believe that keeping sick leave days and bucketing together all the other leave days is a good idea, especially being a clinic who strives to keep patients healthy? 7. All together Beal Street Clinic would very much benefit from combining a transitional leave plan and a paid time off plan. Benefits occur both for the employee, employer, and organization. Now employers can avoid unscheduled absences and less confusion what counts as a personal day versus a vacation day. The employer also gains a big advantage because most employees find the PTO plan appealing. The employee gains benefits because they no longer have to categorize there paid leave. They simply take off days they want and no longer have to worry if they went over there personal days. It eliminated extra hassle and worry. Lastly this new plan also puts the clinic at an advantage, it eliminated employees coming to work sick. This will be appealing to many costumers and their families. Patient in clinic already have a weak immune system, and exposed to germs and bacteria can leave the patient in critical condition. The combining of the two systems makes for a new plan that’s efficient, beneficial, and

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