How Has The Industrial Revolution Helped Britain Form Their Society?

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The Victorian Age The Victorian age was an era of changes in Great Britain, which lasted over half a century, it was the time Queen Victoria ruled over Britain. The nation went from a rural to a well developed country. This was much due to the industrial revolution, but also as a result of changes in the culture and new social reforms. The Great Britain also became the greatest power. How has this helped Britain form their society today? The industrial revolution was the time Great Britain went from a rural society to an urban society. Before the revolution the majority of people lived on the countryside and worked as farmers or spun wool. Soon machines took over their work, and left people without a job. This left no other choice than moving to the towns and finding work within the industry. Victorian engineers developed bigger, faster and more powerful machines, this was possible because of the power of the steam. Later a method to convert iron into steel quickly was invented and bridges, ships and buildings could now be…show more content…
In an article about Victorian literature and culture On College & Research Libraries, Amanda Dinscore writes "The Victorians made great advances in science, technology, and the arts, sought creative solutions to social problems, and created a body of literature that continues to fascinate and inspire readers, artists, and scholars." As said in this quote, it was not only technology and science that changed, they also began to preform art in a different ways. The art became a reflection of the social problems. This is the era where art went from the rationalism to romanticism in Britain, however it is also referred to as Victorian culture. This culture still fascinate people today, an example is the famous author Charles Dickens, who is still a well known and respected writer today. The culture has helped Britain shape and define itself as a

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