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The Battle of Agincourt Nothing worth having ever comes easy to us. We have to fight for what we deserve. Sometimes, it costs more than what we expected, but we are willing to sacrifice blood and life to see the result of it. Like many things that humans have tried to achieve, People start wars and it never really ends. It still exists and people never learn a lesson from the past. One of the battle victories in English history is the Battle of Agincourt. It was the war between the English and the French in 1415. This war became well known because of the unexpected result and works of Shakespeare. In this paper, I will explain how the battle of Agincourt happened, what was happening during the war, and the result of the war. The Middle…show more content…
When the English reached there, Henry V realized that his soldiers were exhausted and could not go any further. He knew that the war was unavoidable, thus he commanded his troop to be prepared for the war at Agincourt. While many soldiers of the British were extremely tired, the British army was ready to fight. The English troops were outnumbered four to one. They had around 25,000 men-at-arms and 1000 of them had a horse. Both armies used weapons, such as spear and sword (Watkins, 6). Because the British troop was smaller than the French army, Henry V chose to set the troop at the narrowest gap between the village of Agincourt and Tramecourt. The area was a prairie where two sides was forest, preventing the French army to pass through easily. Furthermore, the English army was in luck, it was raining heavily the night before the battle. This turned the battlefield into a sea of mud, which made it even harder for the French troop to approach the English army. The battle started on October 25th, 1415. Henry V had commanded all mounted knights to dismount and join the archers. The troop position was simple, yet affective: Henry V was in the center with men-at-arms, while the Lord Camoys had a control on the left wing, and the Duke of York was on the right wing ( The Medieval Combat Society, 2007). On the other side, the French set the troop about 300 yard away.…show more content…
It turned out that the English army conquered the French army even though they were outnumbered by one to four. There are many significant reasons why the English won the battle. First of all, the English archers used the English longbow. Henry knew that the English longbow is a “projectile weapon with even greater effective range” (Watkins, 10). It can pierce the opponent at long range. Unlike the archers of the French army, these English archers were also able to move freely, because there were armored lightly. Moreover, before the battle started, Henry V told his men to carve at the end of the sticks to make a six feet stake, placed it on the ground sloping towards the opponents. By this way when the cavalry reached that point, the horses would be frighten and the mounted knight would fall over and be easily killed. In addition, the French army made a huge mistake when they decided to array the troop the way it was. These French armored men-at-arms used spears that can kill the opponent from a far distance, but the knights were standing too close to each other that they could not throw the spear that far. What is even worse, the bowmen and crossbowmen were not able to use their bows because all the men-at-arms and mounted knights were standing in the range that the bow will land. Plus, the French army was not able to move freely through the sea of mud. Therefore, they were easy targets for the English archers. Those who made it

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