The 14thth Century: Three Types Of Knights In The 14th Century

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Knights of the fourteenth century were very good men. Chaucer pictures the fourteenth century Christian warrior in his poem, “The Knight’s Tale.” During the Middle Ages, also refferred to as the Medieval Period, there were about three types of soldiers who were mainly recognized. They were archers, foot soldiers, and most importantly knights. The knights were soldiers who were constantly armored heavily and their main form of transportation other than by foot was by riding on horseback. Many people get knights and nobles confused yet, only nobles that were extremely wealthy could affort to become a knight. This is primarily because they had to be able to afford their weapons, armor and a horse that was big and powerful. That alone proved to be very expensive. Yet, knights could come from the lower class system…show more content…
As a warrior of God, one must have a close relationship with God. This can be done through persistent prayer and asking God for protection and anointing at all times. Within this, strength and determination will be necessary when fighting any and all battles, but due to there good status with God they knew that they would ultimately be alright. They also knew that they must also be knowledgeable about who and what their enemies were so that they could think of tactics that could aid them successfully. They knew that God was with them at all times, including times of war and battle. Therefore they knew that they were not only shielded by physical armor but by the spiritual armor of God. This gave them courage that they could and would be able to defeat any and every foe that came their way. Despite these beliefs in the Bible and in God, many knights did not follow these rules and ways of life as well as they should’ve. Yet, the knights who did as they were supposed to and followed the Bible and God’s word correctly, were seen differently. Their benevolence was shown in their compassion, ethics, manners, and

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