Nosferat And Sunrise Comparison

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The films Nosferat and Sunrise: A song of two humans, are both directed by F. W. Murnau, and made in the 1920’s. While Sunrise tells the story of two young lovers that reconcile, Nosferatu is a horror adaptation of Bram Stoker’s, Dracula. Both films consist of two young couples that face the possibility of death and other threatening dangers. The way that space is used in each of the two films, moves the raises tension in different ways. In Noseferatu, enclosed spacing portrays the feeling of no escape, whereas in Sunrise, it is the open space that leaves room for the idea to escape. The space in which the characters find themselves in seems to resemble the emotions they feel while enduring their journey. In Noseferatu, Orlock always seems to be accompanied by empty and lifeless space relevant to his symbolic figure while in Sunrise, The Man and Wife's tortured and confused feelings resemble the busy and crowded places they encounter throughout the film. Lastly, the plots in both films revolve around a particular evil, and the power of each evil is defined by their spatial relations to others. Orlock never seems to physically touch any human, whereas the woman from the city is most powerful physically. The use of space in both films helps visualize the obstacles, emotions and power of the characters…show more content…
The shot of the two seated is visually descriptive as we have the man staring at his wife who's head hangs low, and the hustle of the street in the background through the window. The man's once confusing state of mind is realized, but now, the wife continues to have confusing feelings of her husband. The idea of the two coming back together is relatively uncertain and discouraging seeing as they are not alone, but surrounded by other people and a space that is not their home. The space they find themselves in is as unfamiliar as their love for one another at the

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