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“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” a quote from the short novel by George Orwell, and this little book has a very big metaphor, that George Orwell has hidden behind what you are actually reading. Animal farm is a story of a group of farm animals who overthrew their owner (Mr Jones) because of unfair ruling, and they all want equality. The Animals think now that there is no humans that there will be no more corruption, but wherever there is power, there is corruption. The subjects that I will be touching on are dominance, power and leadership In Animal farm, George Orwell explores the way that dominance is in our human nature and that any human with enough power will abuse it. dominance means power and influence over…show more content…
The word power means the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way. In the book, a time where power is shown is how Napoleon had the power over all the animals, because he had the power over the dogs, and if they didn't agree with him, he would make the dogs murder the animals who don't obey with Napoleon's laws, and this shows that Orwell was trying to show that even though throughout the start of the book that Napoleon was trying to say that he wanted the animals to be free, but really he was being corrupt in a way that would have the animals be killed. Another example of power and corruption coming hand in hand is when in April, animal farm elect a president, and Napoleon is somehow chosen unanimously, and this shows that Napoleon had the power to rid the voting so that he could essentially elect himself as the president. Lastly, another way that power is shown in the book is how the pigs basically brainwash all the animals into thinking that everything is good and that they have lots of food and that animal farm is better than it has ever been before, but really its the worst it's ever been, and they all have a little amount of food, but with the power, and the literature skills that the pigs have, they can trick all of the animals into believe that. In animal farm, George Orwell depicts power as being a tool for

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