Reaction Paper About Norouz Ceremony

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Norouz ceremony The old year finished in Iran with a fire ceremony “chahrshanbe souri” which means, red Wednesday. The festival normally started on the evening and its last till early morning, Fireworks can be heard throughout the night in each corner of city. People bonfire either in their courtyard or in the streets and alleys and jump over the fires while singing the famous traditional song “sorkhi to az man, zardi man az to” (give me your beautiful red color an take back my sickly paler), however the message of this song is Iranian want fire to burn their sicknesses and bad habits ,while hope that fire give them energy and succeed in the coming new year. This festival has religious background that date back to at least 1700 BC when Zoroaster imported fire as purifying element on the earth which clean all of the sicknesses from the world. Also in chahrshanbe soori people served different kind of nuts which called problem solving nuts and Iranian an believed that by eating them and making wishes their problem will be resolved also on that nights kids knocked the door of all houses and collet their nuts. As we all know norouz is the time for renewal so Iranian people start to clean their house and their community, buy new clothes and make the preparation for the haft sin table .Khane tekani which means “shaking house “is…show more content…
Haji firooz is a blacked faced clown whose wearing red Satan clothes and having tambourine and singing and dancing in the street while the news of norooz arrival. However Amoo norooz is an old man with a long white beard similar to the Santa Claus (the father of Christmas).Ammo norooz is popular especially among kids because he knocked the door of houses and bring the gifts for

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