Corduroy Book Analysis

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Reminiscing back to my childhood, while reading Corduroy by Don Freeman, the charming friendship between Lisa and Corduroy touched my heart profoundly. Lisa returned to the store and brought the imperfect teddy bear home with all her money in the piggy bank. Not only did she give him a place to stay, she also sewed a button back on Corduroy’s overalls. She accepted this bear just the way he was and made a great influence on him. It is the heartwarming love that holds my soul to the story. However, we can’t see the whole picture depending only on the first impression. Little did I know, there can be many interpretations of the book: friendship, independence, and becoming an adult are all of the perceived concepts of Corduroy.…show more content…
Tracey Tangarife, a book reviewer on ElementaryLiterature, claimed in her review on Corduroy that the main topic of this children’s book was friendship (Tangarife, 2012). Additionally, Marie Rippel, the author of All About Spelling, also wrote in her responds for Corduroy that Freeman had illustrated the distinctive relationship between a girl and a bear in order to show, in Marie’s words, “The qualities of true friendship”. That is, “the patience, self-sacrifice, and kindness” Lisa showed toward Corduroy throughout the story (Rippel, 2017). At the end of the book, Corduroy said, “you must be a friend, I've always wanted a friend.” Lisa responded with, “Me too!” This dialogue gives the readers a better understanding on the lesson that Don Freeman aimed to express which is friendship has no

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