Argumentative Essay On Forced Marriage

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Introduction How can people stop forced marriage? Women and children are being forced into marriage by their parents. They are being forced into marriage for money, food or something else. Women and children are being forced into marriage and are in abusive situations. These women and children need a way out. Subtopic 1: What’s Happening to these Women and Children? The women and children are so times in abusive situations and they are sometimes they are okay. “A marriage can even begin as arranged and end up forced” (Alanen 228). There are over 15 million girls under 18 are being married each year. This is mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (Franck-Gwinnell). “In the United kingdom, the government’s forced marriage unit (FMU)…show more content…
Like in Greenfield, Calif. a 14-year-old girl was sold into marriage with an 18-year-old man. Her Mexican-national father sold her into marriage in exchange for 100 cases of beer and a few cases of meat. There was also a girl in Phoenix, Ariz., 19-year-old girl was padlocked to a bed and burned her face and chest by her mother after the girl refused the marriage that her parents had arranged for her to a 38-year-old man. The Iraqi immigrant mother was arrested and the police said the girl’s younger sister was also arrested for holding her down during the assault (Alanen 228).“There was a Peoria, Ariz., father of Iraqi origin was recently convicted in connection with his daughter’s death after he ran her over with his car in what was characterized as an “honor” killing. The man had warned his daughter a few weeks earlier that “something bad would happen” when she fled the marriage arranged by her parents and became involved with a man of her own choosing” (Alanen 228). It is truly sad that the girls are being hurt and killed for refusing the marriage that their parents…show more content…
Instead they should love their child and not give them to some man for something in exchange. “When a family's living in poverty or economic instability, a daughter may be seen as an “economic burden” they must be married as soon as possible, which take financial strain off of the family. A forced marriage can also be used to settle a debt, or castle status through social alliances or strengthen family (forced and child)”. This is happening truly because of the parents and their mistakes in

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