Argumentative Essay On Bottled Water

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Bottled water through the media is presented to the general public as a priori clean water. On the labels we see blue lakes, snow-capped mountain peaks and other similar landscapes that are associated with purity, primordially and naturalness. At the same time, governments argue that tap water is absolutely safe to consume. Although it contains various substances that can adversely affect human health, their number does not exceed the maximum allowable rate. Recent research has shown that in bottled water there may be more hazardous substances than in tap water. If the damage to the water from the tap is reduced to an excess of iron and chlorine, the danger of water from a plastic bottle in a substance called biphenyl A. Biphenyl A is a component…show more content…
Tap water is obtained by distillation, therefore, it can contain volatile organic impurities. The use of unsuitable water in the poorest countries has become the main cause of the spread of malaria epidemics, dengue fever, and many gastrointestinal diseases. In 35 countries most affected by the use of unsuitable water, the incidence can be reduced by 15%, simply following the elementary rules of hygiene and sanitation. Tap water includes two types of natural sources: surface (rivers, lakes, water reservoirs) and underground (ground, pedestrian, artesian water, and water seeping through cracks in crystalline massifs). With this wide spectrum of sources, the concentration of radionuclides in natural waters varies very much depending on the location of the source, the composition of the surrounding rocks, local and regional features of their geological structure, relief, type of water, climatic conditions and so on. The highest content of natural…show more content…
Almost all labels of bottled water indicate the overall level of mineralization. From the point of view of daily water consumption, the level 200-500 mg / l is

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