Huck Finn Character Analysis

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Huck Finn is definentially a very interesting character. He attacks ideas different than the regular kid does. But Huck has also been raised a lot differently than other kids. Huck at the age of 13 possible an earlier age was living on his own, caring and supporting himself. Except the times he was living with a women “The Widow” who took him in. Even with this Huck had to moral example in his life, being able to develop his own thoughts and opinions. In this sense isn’t a bad thing, he does things the normal “white” man wouldn’t. This along with many other things make him a hero, he saves Jim, himself, and does many things many people wouldn’t do. I will say that not many people would agree with me here and Huck doesn’t make some of the best decisions but looking at the situations and the good he does a hero is definitely his role rather than a protagonist. Huck saves Jim in multiple ways, not just is life but…show more content…
Huck was more saving his own life than saving the placement or identity of a person. Hucks dad had taken him to a cabin in the woods and would lock Huck in it when he left. His dad would be gone for either a couple hours or a couple days. The one night his dad had a nightmare and started to attack Huck. As you can see Huck's life was definitely at risk and he needed to leave but he loved his dad. I can see how he would have a hard time just leaving. Though one day Huck did after he found a canoe to float down stream on to get away. When his dad left one day he got out and planned what looked like a murder scene. At that point he left and later on found Jim in the woods. But on to the point as to how this makes Huck a hero. He put him and his father's relationship on the line and the comfort of a shelter on the line to save himself. He put some much at risk to save himself from a horrible life to try and make himself a better one, cause he knew if he didn’t get out then he wouldn’t at

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