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“Then, it Better be... Gryffindor!”: What Makes a Great Harry Potter Character? Boom, Boom, Boom. Harry loudly hearing as he wakes up. His aunt and uncle franticly run down the stairs with a shotgun in hand. Moments later, the door flies open and a gush of wind blows into the room. At the door stands a man who looks directly at Harry and delivers the most shocking information of his entire life, that Harry is a wizard. Harry Potter is all about wizards, magic, and how a young boy grows up to save the wizarding world. In order for a Harry Potter character to be considered one of the best characters they must have specific qualities. Primarily Harry Potter characters are brave. Harry Potter is brave and sacrifices himself to save the wizarding…show more content…
Dobby is very clever and play’s many tricks on Harry, like blocking the letters that he receives from his friends, preventing him from getting on the platform causing him to miss the train, and rescuing Harry and his friends at Malfoy Manor. Dobby’s cleverness plays a huge role in the second film which is important because he saves Harry’s life and informs him that there is danger at Hogwarts. Lastly, Dobby helps Harry and his friends escape Malfoy Manor. Without Dobby Harry would have not made it out of Malfoy Manor thus, would have not been able to save the wizarding world. Voldemort also is a very smart character in Harry Potter. Although antagonist, he makes it very hard for Harry Potter to kill him by hiding his soul in seven objects called Horcruxes. He knows that Harry will do anything to protect his friends so, threatening to kill them is a great way to find Harry. This is important because without the brilliant idea of creating Horcruxes the story would have become boring and would not have kept the audience engaged. Creating a very complex and intelligent antagonist like Voldemort creates a successful story line and challenges Harry throughout the story. Hermione is a character that demonstrates her intelligence so much throughout the story and always finds a way to get Ron and Harry out of trouble. This is very important because without Hermione they would not have been able to…show more content…
Harry Potter, of course, is the main character and plays a huge part in the story. He helps move the story along. Overall he is the one who saves the wizarding world. Without Harry Potter the story would have no purpose nor have a main character who makes the story interesting. The wizarding world would have fallen without Harry, thus there would not have been a“hero” in the story. Hagrid is another important character because he brings Harry to Hogwarts and tells him that he is a wizard. This is important because without Hagrid Harry would not have been able to go to school and learn magic. If Harry never went to Hogwarts he would have not saved the wizarding world nor killed Voldemort. Finally Professor Dumbledore is incredibly essential to the series and sends Harry out to search for Horcruxes, he is always there for Harry. This allows Harry to kill Voldemort,thus making successful conclusion. Being Headmaster, Dumbledore is a person of authority harry can trust, and will protect him from Voldemort and his death eaters for as long as he can, therefore making Dumbledore an important character in the story,because he plays a huge role in the defeat of the Dark Lord. Without these character’s major roles, the story would been not as

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