Ehud In Judges: Well-Known Scatological Versions Of The Bible

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In the Bible, there are many passages that contain what many would consider to be unholy or just plain gross. The unholy aspect of these passages, which contain sexual and scatological elements and euphemisms, are often downplayed by many churches and some Biblical translations shy away from the vulgarity of the original text. There is one simple fact that explains why these words and phrases should be embraced by readers of the Bible. The fact is that everybody poops. Everyone can relate to these so-called unholy elements of the Biblical text, and including these elements makes the Bible a more realistic and more relatable work. The story of Ehud in Judges contains one of the most well-known scatological references of the Hebrew Bible. Ehud’s story is one of embellishment and ridicule. Throughout the story, the Moabites, Israel’s enemy at the time, are presented as complete idiots. All Ehud has to do to sneak a cubit-long sword by the guards is to strap it to his right side, the side a left-hander would use. As if the continuous insults to their intelligence were not enough, the way in which Ehud kills the…show more content…
There is implied sexual content throughout the story of Samson. It is easily deniable, but verses such as Judges 14:7, which reads “Then he went down and talked with the woman, and she pleased Samson.”, lead many people to believe that Samson and this woman did more than have a delightful conversation. Moving forward in Samson’s story, we meet Delilah. For some reason, Samson is in love with Delilah even though she manipulates him in order to find his weakness while doing the whole thing for a large sum of money. When Delilah finally discovers Samson’s actual weakness, she “let him fall asleep on her lap”. Now, there is not much to go on based on that line of text, but considering the situation and Samson’s history, many assume that some sexual implication can be

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