A Beautiful Day Short Story

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I lie in bed pondering what I could possibly want to be doing at such an early time in the morning. Perhaps a bag of cereal or some boxes of the famous “Eggo Waffles”. I may take a shower…..read a book…..OH! I know exactly what I need to do! Beckoning my obese black dachshund over to me, I grabbed my phone and the leash. My Father calls me every morning. His name is Jeff. He is white with no hair and is about 6 foot 7. He has Alzheimer's, Cancer, diabetes, chronic constipation, and on top of that….blindness. “It's a beautiful day outside” I sang as I walked out my back door looking for a place to depart the feces from my dachshunds butthole. The grass was greener than shrek after eating key lime pie. The trees were just beginning to transform into color on the beautiful spring morning. The breeze was as relaxing as getting out of a warm shower and falling back asleep on your bed. My dog was behaving quite nicely today. I decided to…show more content…
“Cluck….Cluck” A neighbors chicken had came to my door for a some very odd circumstance. I started to close my door from the pesky hen then, suddenly!....My dog bolted out the front door faster than a city bus going down a hill on the highway. I chased my dog out the door and onto the busy highway. Sitting on the median with my dog safe, I started to walk back across the highway into my yard. I instantly look left, not fazed by the city bus coming right at me down the steepest hill in the city. I had no choice, there was traffic in every other lane. I had to try to get underneath the bus and let it go over the top of me. Right before I try to duck under the bus I just happen to take a glance at the driver's seat. I couldn’t believe what I saw. In the drivers, a fight was occuring between a man in a suit with a name tag that said “Dave”. The Driver. And a tall,fat,bald, obese man with sunglasses who appears to be
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