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Gene Kranz is the person I decided to talk about in the role of making the recovery of Apollo 13 a success. Gene at the time, was the Houston Mission Control leader. As the leader, he was responsible for understanding what his men were telling him to figure out a plan to keep the crew of Apollo 13 safe. Once the oxygen tank leakage happened, that meant the cabin would be full of carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen. One quote I caught while listening to the movie was, “Okay now, lets everybody keep cool. Let’s solve the problem, but let's not make it any worse by guessing.” I feel this quote gave the crew a sign of control in the mission. Furthermore, Gene Kranz seemed like a very important part of the success of the Apollo 13. When all the commotion was going on, he stayed calm and ensured people that there is hope for success. In a way, Gene seemed to…show more content…
One uncontrolled problem that happened was once the oxygen tank exploded, the scientists couldn't simply go and change the tank. The specific things they wanted to fix were the CSM and LM lithium hydroxide canisters which were crucial to the crew's survival. Since this was very crucial, they knew they had to find a solution. Over many hours of discussion, they created the CO2 removal system since switching the tanks wasn’t an option. Next, one controlled factor in Apollo 13 was controlling the oxygen gas leakage. The workers for NASA on the ground helped control this by telling the crew how to control the leak. Specifically, the ground workers fixed it by making a CO2 removal system with items only found on a spacecraft. The crew on the spaceship controlled this by understanding the directions and making the CO2 removal system. This CO2 removal system took about an hour to build with plastic bags, cardboard, parts from a lunar suit and a whole lot of tape to secure everything. To sum up, this control problem saved the crew's

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