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The Apollo program was created for a space race, to get American Astronauts on the moon first. Why did the Americans want to do this in the first place though? The soviets launched Sputnik 1, the first satellite to orbit Earth, so the Americans were determined to get to the moon first. During the time of the Apollo program, they developed the mens ability to work in the lunar environment, carrying out a program of scientific exploration on the moon, achieving preeminence in space for the United States, and establishing new technology for other national interests in space. John F. Kennedy established the authority to conduct the program, having rest assured that the men will make it back home safely afterwards. Apollo 1 was kind of a flop.…show more content…
I certainly was “ One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” After all, the mission was successful. Ahhhhh, Apollo 13, one of another one of the most well known missions to the moon, as well as one of the biggest rescue missions ever known! It would be the third mission to the moon to gather more evidence. Apollo 13, like the other missions to the moon, consisted of an army of crew members, scientists, engineers, and 3 pilots. Why was there so many mission control members? Well, we will get to THAT later… But we will start from the beginning of the mission. April 11, 1970; 1:13…show more content…
Lovell Jr . This brave crew went through a lot of what almost seemed stress and anguish in surviving as long as they could to get back home without a whole lot of oxygen. Two days after launch they were out of the atmosphere, obviously, but a conflict was introduced, a small fracture in the oxygen tank from after a long, rough ride, Houston commanded the crew to activate the tanks because the crew was running low on the oxygen, soon the tanks ruptured and the oxygen sent the module out of control, but they didn’t know until the main alarm went off and the psi started dropping dramatically . The crew reported to Houston, “Houston, we have a problem.” With to much pressure put on the tank, it exploded taking lots of oxygen, crucial supplies, and many other key tools to the mission. As you can tell about this, this was terrifying and you can probably tell what the crew was thinking, “ We are going to die!” It was partially true they did have a low chance of survival, with the limited supply of oxygen. What would they do?

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