Comparing Hamlet And The Lion King

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Hamlet and the Lion King In hamlet and the lion king they were the same because they both had their king who was murdered by their brother who wanted to be the king. Well then both prince's figured out what happened to their fathers or saw it happen and try to make since of it.Well both times the new king tries to either run them off or play it off like it never happened but they both are called out on it over time, and in the end both sons take their vengeance out on their uncles and make it right. Both mothers were also blind to what had happened to their husband/mate and their king so they are none the wiser of what happened to their king and suspect nothing. Hamlet and Simba have to make there move at the right time and not rush it or wait too long or they would be thought murderers.…show more content…
They were all humans not animals,they had a castle and land to rule over instead of den and land. Hamlet's father was killed with poison, Hamlet’s mother married his uncle unknowing her that he killed her husband and matter of fact killed her the same way. Hamlet wasn’t ever run off instead his mother talked him into staying after his father was murdered. Hamlet was the actual one who digged into the reason behind his father's death and found out about it instead of watching it happen. Everybody thought Hamlet had gone crazy with grief. The lion king i believe was based in Africa with lions and other animals instead of humans. There is a lion king and lion prince and lion Queen. There is conniving Uncle scar that kills simba by murdering him in front of the lion prince and also runs simba off and makes it out that simba is dead also and takes of as king of the land and lions and the whole kingdom goes to trash. While the lion king is running away he meets new friends who help him on his journey Timone and Pumbaa and a monkey named Rafiki.Simba was young when his father

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