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1. Paleolithic age differed from the Neolithic age in the ways of how society worked and grew. Paleolithic people were hunter-gatherers, and this is a relatively easy way to live, they spent very few hours a day hunting and gathering, leaving them with plenty of spare time to spend singing, talking, sleeping, playing games, and other such activities. Woman and children in societies such at this spent most of their time planting seeds for crops and collecting small consumables; the Paleolithic people were nomadic, meaning that they did not stay in the same places for extended periods of time, and did not collect many personal possessions. The Neolithic people, on the other hand, lived more by farming, which involved rigorous labor and required them to work long hours, often in scorching heat. The woman in societies such as this spent…show more content…
2. A civilization is defined by the advancements in society; how most early human societies worked seem to be fairly similar in the ways of how they all seem to have farmed at one point or another, no matter how small the amount of farming they did was, also how the woman and children tended to cook and clean around households rather than go out and participate in strenuous farming and hunting like the men did. 3. In Mesopotamia, the political infrastructure was implemented by a king as they had developed cuneiform, mathematics, and one of the earliest calendars known to mankind. A more government enforced structure was implemented in Egypt by a Pharaoh who had divine rule over all of Egypt and was seen as a god; while both civilizations were very religious, Egypt expressed their religious beliefs more through art rather than anything

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