Satire In Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens Of Titan

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Kurt Vonnegut is widely known for his dark humor and his use of satire. He has been called “America’s greatest satirist” by many. Vonnegut’s skillful use of satire as well as irony, is apparent in his novel, The Sirens of Titan. In the story, a rather disgusting, yet incredibly rich man named Malachi Constant is invited on a journey through space by another very powerful man. The other man, Winston Niles Rumfoord, who has the ability to tell the future, tells Constant he and Rumfoord’s wife, Beatrice will travel to Titan together and have a son who will carry an important “good luck piece”. The two are forced on their journey and overcome many obstacles, all caused by Rumfoord. Rumfoord creates a new religion and wages a war between Mars and

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