Eulogy: Sympathy For Piggy

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25 years after the dreaded island, 25 years after the death of my friend, 25 years after civil war. The island impacted each and every one of us that were stranded there. No one left as the same person. My tribe, revolting against me, my own people turned against me. I was never the same man again. All I wanted to do was lead an orderly tribe so we can all escape safe and sound. Jack didn't let me though, he wanted to be the leader of the tribe instead of me and to do this he made my like terrible. I just wanted to help those who looked up to me and those who looked to me for guidance and support. I tried to be that man, always keeping the fire brightly lit for the slight chance of getting rescue. I knew our chances of rescue from the island…show more content…
The one part I loved while I tell them the story, is their sympathy for Piggy. It is a reminder to me that Piggy was a human being, but life and Jack were unfair to him. Remembering Piggy is the best part of my day. The time I get to imagine how life would be if Piggy had still been alive. Probably sitting on my couch watching some TV. After the sweet memory, I get the evil sin. I remember Jack and all of his wrong doing. 25 years later and I still haven't forgiven him, and I doubt I ever will. Jack was the reminder of the person I never wanted to become. My life motto revolved around Jack, and I never forgot it, “Never be the man your enemy is.” I get a reminder of it every day when I see Jack on the news, committing another crime, breaking another law. It is like he wants the whole world to hate him. Even if he didn't, he can't change anything now. 25 years later and there is not a single day where I do not remember the island. 25 years later and I still remember every tragedy that struck. 25 years later the world became a different place. The rescue wasn't an ending, it was a beginning to reality. The day of the rescue didn't just save all of our lives. The day changed us for better or for worse. But no matter what, 25 or even 50 years later I will still remember the island like it was just

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