Annemarie's Lies

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The Novel “Number the Stars” is a book written by Louis Lowry. This tale is about a young girl and the things she has to go through. Annemarie is effected by lies and truths. Her relationship to the adults in her life and her journey to womanhood are impacted by the lies and truths explained throughout the story. The little girl in the story, Annemarie, went through a lot of situations where she was told lies but only for her own good and safety. Annemarie was lied to in many ways and was affected by the lies that her Mother and Uncle Henrik convinced her to believe. In the story, Annemarie’s Uncle Henrik told her that there was a death in the family about someone who was not even real. In the story, Uncle Henrik said to Annemarie “There has been a death, and tonight your Great- aunt Birte will be resting in the living room, in her casket, before she is buried…show more content…
Just an innocent little girl still very young and not understanding with everything yet. During her journey, Annemarie grew up to be a very mature girl. Annemarie’s relationships with the adults also became much closer in many sorts of ways. As previously mentioned, Annemarie knew alot more than Ellen when it came down to the truth, Annemarie knew things others didn’t, which made her feel like an adult herself. When Annemarie bravely ran through the forest to deliver a special packet for Uncle Henrik before he left with the jews headed for Sweden. When Annemarie reached Uncle Henrik and successfully delivered the packet, Uncle Henrik responded with “I wasn’t sure,but now because of you Annemarie everything is alright.”(Lowry page 119) Mrs. Johansen put Annemarie up to a dangerous task, but trusted Annemarie to be brave and do as she was told. Annemarie grew a lot closer to her surrounding adults. The relationships between Annemarie, her mother, and Uncle Henrik became more enjoyable by the end of the story, rather than the

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