Lying By Annemarie Essay

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Sometimes adults lie to children. Maybe because it is for their safety. Maybe because the adults are afraid. It could also be because the adults are up to no good or evil. Annemarie’s way from girlhood to womanhood,her relationships to the adults in her life, and the effects of lies and truths on Annemarie’s story are all caused by adults lying to her. Annemarie goes from girlhood to womanhood because of adults lying to her. One way she does this is when mama was talking about Aunt Birte and how they were going to have a funeral, she knew that Aunt Birte didn’t exist. Annemarie had to keep that a secret from the soldiers. Another way Annemarie goes from girlhood to womanhood is when she had to lie to soldiers about Ellen being her sister. If she wouldn’t have kept that a secret, Ellen would have been taken away or relocated. Annemarie’s relationships to the adults in her life are also affected by adults lying to her. One way it is affected is when Uncle Henrik said,”There has been a death,” (pg.75) and there really wasn’t a death, Annemarie felt like she wasn’t equal to them in importance. Another way is when Annemarie’s father wouldn’t tell her where the soldiers took Ellen’s…show more content…
One way the lies and truths are affected is when Mama said, “We must take the girls to Henriks,” (pg.51) Mama didn’t answer why they were going to Uncle Henriks. Another way is when Uncle Henrik finally told Annemarie the truth about Aunt Birte and about the handkerchief. When Uncle Henrik told the truth about Aunt Birte, he said,”There is no Great-aunt Birte, and never has been.” (pg.77). After Annemarie brought Uncle Henrik the handkerchief, he thought that Annemarie was brave enough to tell the truth to. Uncle Henrik exclaimed,”The dogs are trained to sniff about and find where people are hidden. The scientists have created a special drug that attracts the dogs and ruins their sense of

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