Anne Bradstreet's Upon The Burning Of Our House

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In Anne Bradstreet's poem, "Upon the Burning of Our House" she expresses how a person should not be so attached to material objects. In her poem she states how God "gave and took," and how she "should repine" (Bradstreet). Signifying how she should be greatful that god has taken back what was his,saving her(in a way) from her wanting. Anne Bradstreet's style of using plain style and inverse grammar is evident in her work: "I blest his Name that gave and took" and "Far be it that I should repine"(Bradstreet). Her work also shows a part of what the time was like, by using words such as "'twas" and "layd". In Edward Taylor's poem, he uses an analogy between a spider catching a fly and the devil trapping lethargic souls. Ridiculing how the "spider"
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