Animal Testing Ethics

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I chose this example for the interest in being an animal lover, moreover, I am interested in the ethics of product testing on animals. What I discovered was both shocking and cruel. I believe my chosen example is effective for sparking resistance to commercial culture as seeing ads of this type will hopefully force people to realize that they are part of the problem. As a consumer, we have choices in what we buy. Buying products from companies such as Cover Girl, is supporting a company that tortures animals through product testing. Most consumers probably do not even realize that the products they are using tell a much greater story in regards to harming innocent animals. From lectures, I have learned that culture is known as the traditions, conduct and ideas of society. However, on the other hand, commercial culture can be defined as culture that focuses not on the glories of the media but what is wrong with it and why, which directly correlates to the negative connotation of animal testing found behind glorified ads. I believe the purpose of this ad should be to alert those who don't pay attention to labels, to stop and take the time to read the product and educate themselves before…show more content…
Ethical issues such as animal testing and child labor are hidden from the public eye in order to protect a company’s image, in spite of destroying animals in the process and going against ethical morals. This culture jam raises many ideologies. Ideologies can be defined as a system of ideas and ideals, especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy. We begin to question is it ethical to treat another living thing with these various forms of torture? This ad taught me that reputation means everything in the media and we as consumers must be extremely skeptical of certain messages portrayed to us through
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