Animal Rights Vs Animal Testing

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ANIMAL RIGHTS VERSUS MEDICAL RESEARCH Animal experimentation is the use of animals in scientific research and animal rights is the idea that some, or all, non-human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives should be afforded the same consideration as similar interests of human beings. The 'modern' era of animal research started about 150 years ago with the rise of physiology as a science. Every year in the world, millions of animals are used in testing for medical research. Animal testing is used to develop treatments for various diseases, check for the safety of products and other uses. Proponents, who are supporting animal testing, assert that the use of animals in research getting help for develop life saving treatments…show more content…
Supporters of animal testing thought animal testing has contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments. The California Biomedical Research Association states that nearly every medical breakthrough in the last 100 years has resulted directly from research using animals (2013). Experimental dogs through to the discovery of insulin, which save the lives of lots of diabetics (Nobel Media, "The Discovery of Insulin,",2013). Whereas, animal right activists thought animal testing is cruel and inhumane. Millions of animals are dying because of experiments. When they alive, they are getting pain. According to Humane Society International, animals used in experiments are commonly subjected to force-feeding, forced inhalation, food and water deprivation and killing by carbon dioxide asphyxiation (About Animal Testing, 2013). The US Department of Agriculture (USDA, 2011) reported in 2010 that 97,123 animals suffered pain during experiments while being given no anesthesia for relief, including 1,395 primates, 5,996 rabbits, 33,652 guinea pigs, and 48,015 hamsters. When there is no choice to finding a cure except animal testing, animals can be use. According to the supporters there is no adequate alternative to testing on a living, whole-body system. The rationale behind studying cell cultures in a Petri dish does not provide the opportunity to study interrelated processes occurring in…show more content…
First view is animals must be used in cases when ethical considerations prevent the use of human subjects. The World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki states that human trials should be preceded by tests on animals (NIH,2013). In addition, animals themselves benefit from the results of animal testing. If vaccines were not tested on animals, millions of animals would have died from many viruses (California Veterinary Medical Association, 2013). Second view is drugs that pass animal tests are not necessarily safe and animal tests may mislead researchers into ignoring potential cures and treatments. Arthur Allen (2006) stated that a "source of human suffering may be the dozens of promising drugs that get shelved when they cause problems in animals that may not be relevant for humans". Scientists have controversial view, ones die is not important for them. According to them, general safety is more important. However, if the ones could not protect, how can be the many

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