Why Should Animal Testing Be Banned

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Animal testing is a methodology implemented to identify the effectiveness of a drug on any animal before issuing it to humans. Animal testing was commonly practiced from the age of Greeks themselves. Some historical figureheads who made use of animal testing are Aristotle, Erasistratus and Galen (Hajar,R., 2011). Without animal testing there can be severe consequences, for example, in 1937 a pharmaceutical establishment in the USA manufactured a medicine. The manufacturer did not know that one of the ingredients in the medicine was poisonous to human beings. Due to the lack of knowledge, the firm manufactured the medicine in bulk quantities without conducting animal testing. The end result was disastrous as the death toll witnessed a sudden increase. By 1938 a law was passed which made animal testing compulsory. From the information gathered, it can be stated that animal testing is beneficial to human beings. However, animal testing should be banned because it gives unreliable results; it’s cruel to animals and a waste of money and time. Firstly, animal testing should be banned because it gives unreliable results. According to book…show more content…
For example, according to a scholarly research journal, a study was conducted in which mice were used as test subjects. The medicine that resulted from this test proved to be very useful, as it helped lots of people to be relieved of breast cancer. (Office of Media Relations, 2004). However, a lot of money could have been saved if that medicine was discovered without the use of animal testing, in addition to that, a lot of time could have also been saved. In another note, animal test served as a useful method for finding cures for humans as well as animal; thus these tests have actually saved a lot of lives throughout the ages. However, a lot of animal are being killed during the test phase or after the test

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