Farm As An Allegory In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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George Orwell is a pen name, a name that he chose to be as an author rather than his actual name, to Eric Arthur Blair. He was born in Motihari, Bengal, India in 1903. During his young age, his mother brought him to England and was there educated in Henley and Sussed at schools. The Orwell family was not all wealthy and in Orwell’s own personal written essays, it shows that his younger years were not so satisfying. At about five or six, though, he noticed that he had a gift for writing. Orwell went to Eton College and because literature was not an accepted subject for boys at that time, he began to develop his own writing skill after studying master writers. While at Eton, his first political views were formed when he saw liberal and socialist…show more content…
During that same month, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All tragic and violent events of World War II made the stage well for the fictional work against totalitarianism created by Orwell. The book Animal Farm is an allegory and also a satire. An allegory is a narrative piece of literature in which the whole book relates back to a different and bigger picture. Orwell uses the allegory genre to address a bigger topic in his books, which is the Russian Revolution of 1917. A satire is when the author jokes around about a very important issue and uses many things like criticism and humor to make the topic seem foolish and dumb. Satires are usually comedic and/or an exaggeration of the main topic to help get the author’s point across. Orwell uses this satire to discuss the myth of Soviet Socialism which he obviously did not support. Orwell’s book is a satire because he believed that this revolution was very dumb and so he uses this book to make fun of it and joke around while also writing about farm animals taking control of their farm. Orwell’s use of farm animals helps display his message that he does not like most people in this
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