Savanna Biome Research Paper

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Savanna is a biome that is located between tropical rainforest biome and desert biome. It is mainly found in Africa, South America, India and Australia. The Savanna biome is an area with very dry season and very wet season. Savanna is mostly grass with few scattered trees. It covers half of the surface of Africa, large areas of Australia, India and South America. Savanna is created because of hadley cells. Hadley cells are when it rains a lot in the rain forest, the amount of rains will decrease as the area goes farther and until an area where it stops raining and the hot air will move up from the rain forest and travels to the desert. The hadley cells will bring the hot air from the rainforest to desert, through savanna so it will have hot, moist air and the rain will also occur in Savanna. This is why savanna is located between tropical rainforest and desert. The temperatures in savanna is range from 68 to 86 Fahrenheit which is 20 to 30 Degree Celsius. The climate is usually warm and moist. Precipitation is range from 10 to…show more content…
Savanna is one of the homes of many different species from animals to plants that are rare around the world. This is useful for scientist because they can go to savanna and learn about new animals and plants and can document it down. The reason why there's high in biodiversity is because there's a lof of sunlight in savannas. Sunlight is one of the main factor that keeps living organism alive. Plants need the sunlight to photosynthesis to make energy and the animals will eat the plants to get the energy it will need. If there's no sunlight in Savannas, the animals and plants will all die and the savanna will become a dead area. The other reason why savannas are important in our world is because savannas are one of the highest tourist attraction in the world. In Australia, they created a big zoo for foreigner to see the wildlife they

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