Use Of Allegory In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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An allegory is when something can be explained to have a hidden meaning. George Orwell’s animal farm is an allegory because it has the hidden message of the Soviet Union’s history. In the story, events that happened in the Soviet Union’s history and the people involved it and events in the story can be compared to be similar even though the two events seem unrelated. For example in the history of the Soviet Union Karl Marx was a historical figure who can be compared to old major in the story. The system of ideas at the farm was based on old major, this is similar to how the system of ideas of the state were based on what Marx said. Another example is in Russia the people were not pleased with Tsar after his changes he made after the Russian revolution just the same way…show more content…
Animal farm also has some rhetorical components. A rhetoric is the writer’s art on persuading, especially using figures of speech to do so. A rhetorical component in this story is Orwell’s use of an animal rebellion to get across the message of the Russian rebellion. The animals in the story make powerful speeches that persuade the animals. This is also an example of rhetoric in the story because when the story was released at the time when Stalin was ruling and similar events that were going on in Europe went on in the story, when many political things were taking place to also persuade people. Similar to the story, Stalin’s rule was a brutal one just like that of napoleons. There was fighting, hunger, and death. The use of allegory and rhetoric components is different than that of laying out a non-fiction or statistical analysis because it helps to get across a message to people in a way people can understand by using things like figures of speeches or something totally unrelated to what is actually happening, in this case an animal farm compared to events in soviet Russia. It can get out a message to people in a way that appeals to more
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