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Farmer Jones Real Life Identity The novella, Animal Farm, is an allegory about the Soviet Communism. The book contains many symbols, which are written as characters, objects and figures. For Farmer Jones, he symbolizes the last Czar of Russia: Czar Nicholas the second. Farmer Jones’s characterization is described as neglectful and cruel, which is also seen through his actions towards the beginning of the story. Czar Nicholas is described as irresponsible, hence why Orwell paired him to Jones in order to explain the allegory meaning. After the events of World War Two, Stalin had made Czar Nicholas the second look like the good guy in the end. In reality, many historians do not agree to this; one reason is after his father had died he had to take the throne. In, “Czar Nicholas II Abdicates”, Nicholas was “neither trained nor inclined to rule, which did not help the autocracy he sought to preserve in an era desperate for change.” Meaning, the Czar was not ready to rule when he was crowned on May 26, 1894 ("Czar Nicholas II Abdicates”). In the same way, farmer Jones is unfit to care for the animals.…show more content…
“The disastrous outcome of the Russo-Japanese War led to the Russian Revolution of 1905, which the czar diffused only after signing a manifesto promising representative government and basic civil liberties in Russia” (“Czar Nicholas II Abdicates”). In other words, the Russo-Japanese war was a huge failure to the Russians because they lost horribly; Czar only made it worse because he refused to sign the basic civil liberties in Russia. This circumstance is connected to farmer Jones when he loses a lawsuit. During the war, Czar sometimes had his citizens in starvation, the same was the drunk Jones lacks the effort to feed the

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