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While reading Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt, I came across many significant passages that caught my attention. For example, when Francis came home from the hospital, he was ordered to stay in bed. However, he did not want to be bedridden anymore because the weather outside was pleasant. The author states, “The October days are lovely and I want to sit outside looking up the lane at the way the sun slants along the wall opposite our house” (McCourt 203). This shows that Francis wanted to experience the weather outside instead of staying at home. The author uses setting to describe how the days look like in Ireland in October. The setting is also described in a positive manner. The narrator states that the October days are lovely, which implies that the narrator enjoys the weather in October. Therefore, Francis wants to experience the lovely October weather as soon as possible.…show more content…
The author states, “I know when he drinks the dole money and Mam is desperate and has to beg at the St. Vincent de Paul Society and ask for credit at Kathleen O’Connell’s shop but I don’t want to back away from him and run to Mam” (McCourt 208). This shows Francis knew that his father wasted money on alcohol. However, the narrator did not want to abandon his father. Therefore, Francis is characterized as a loyal son because he still cares about his father. Although his father made mistakes, Francis enjoyed spending time with him. This is a significant passage because it shows that parents are not perfect, and they make mistakes without realizing

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