Notes To My Biographer

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From the beginning of the story Notes to My Biographer, the main character Franklin is a combatant, who addresses the audience his beliefs. He appears to be a straightforward person that condones no disrespectfulness and at the start appears to be ordinary individual. However shortly into the story it appears that he is in the grasp of full developed manic episodes, and achieved to bankrupt himself along with pester everyone in his life by refraining to take his medication. The theories I will be using to evaluate Notes to My Biographer are psychoanalysis theory and readers response. Through use of psychoanalysis theory, the theme of the story reveals Franklins psychological circumstances. Additionally, the author Adam Haslett generates emotion…show more content…
A sense of server uneasiness dawn upon me as I was reading the story due to the impression of being in the skin of Franklin, nevertheless I found myself gaining a better perception of what it is like to live a life different from my own. What makes Franklin so intriguing in the story is how he expresses certain atrocious ideas so calmly. An example of this is when he goes to visit his gay son Graham and declares “"Nonetheless, I am briefly shocked by the idea that my twenty-nine-year-old boy has never seen fit to share with me the fact that he is a fruitcake- no malice intended- and I resolve right away to talk to him about it when I see him.” Just by this sentence, I can discern precisely why Graham has not shared his sexual orientation with his father. At the same time, the story also attains a pitiful aspect due to the highly incompetent efforts of Graham attempting to contact his father Franklin. Additionally, Franklin refuses to accept treatment that will help with his ailment, preferring lucid misconceptions to serene the insensitivity. In Notes to My Biographer I am able to observe the mishaps that may arise from such choices and acknowledges the misery and deception that are evident and notable to those who are affected by them. The content expressed a frightening impression on absurdity, ideology, and lifestyle. As a

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