The Importance Of College Sports Event

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Literature regarding notions of motivation for sporting event attendance is prolific and widley varies in terms of identified predictors. There are many common themes arise from the research. The most common include: Student attendance at collegiate sporting events Guerra (2015) found that the most influential factors toward a student’s decision to attend campus sporting events are, in order: Interest in the Sport, Game Time, Price, Opponent, Team Record. Despite a prevailing theory that students decided whether or not to attend home sporting events based on the availability of cell connectivity or access to WiFi, Guerra found that students do not based their decisions on the availability. In the study, Guerra found that mobile connectivity…show more content…
As Wann, Brame, Clarkson, Brooks, and Waddill reported in 2008, “Students with high team identification have higher graduation rates because they become devoted to their university. Sporting events promote excitement for the university and encourage students to take pride in their college. Sporting events bring students together through a common pride or excitement about their university.” “Students thought attending games was important and affected their quality of life. Participating the activity raised their moods and overall affected their health. Not only did students think participating as a spectator would raise their current quality of life, but have a positive impact on their future as well” (Hickerosn & Beggs, 2007). The benefits of having strong athletic attendance and a well-known athletic program also drift into the classroom and admissions center. When George Mason University made a trip to the 2006 NCAA Final Four with their men’s basketball team, the university saw a 350 percent increase in inquiries, a 150 percent increase in Web hits, a 40 percent increase in out-of-state applications, freshman applications increase 10 percent, its retention rate increase to 84 percent, the incoming student average…show more content…
For the indicator of success for a college football program, McEvoy used the Associated Press’s college football poll. The “AP College Football Poll” ranks NCAA Division 1-A football teams based on game performances throughout the year. Date was collected at the end-of-season rankings for all teams finishing in the top 20 between the years 1980 and 2003. For college basketball, McEvoy used the end of the year tournament called “March Madness.” March Madness takes place during March and the beginning of April. McEvoy collected information from the 64 teams that were selected for the tournament between the years of 1980 and 2003. McEvoy found that for basketball there is a 1 percent increase in attendance for teams who selected as one of the 64 teams. Attendance continues to increase the more success that the team has in tournament with the max increase in attendance ranging between 7 to 8 percent. Football found familiarly increases when the team finished in the top 20 at the end of the year. The major take-away from McEvoy findings is that private schools receive two to four times more applications from the success of their basketball

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