My Favorite Hero: Snow Patrol: Favorite Friend

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Snow Patrol – Favorite Friend You're my favourite friend when I need you and when I don't as well Of course you miss me being around Since you are here, I assume you want to know the true. That is good. The last time we talked, I told you a little about our “characters”, however I have not talked yet about Arthur. I know I said he was a servant, but I did not reveal much more. I decided I will start today with him, do not worry, when this narrative is finished, when there is nothing else to explain, I will give you proof that all I am saying is true. The first thing you should know is that magic was real. There were sorcerers, magical creatures, witches... Magic was responsible for Arthur’s mother’s death, just not the way you think. Uther…show more content…
It was late spring and it was the first time he went to Camelot. Even though, if you asked him he would never admit it, he was somewhat excited: meet new people, see Merlin, his old friend, but most of all, see the knights. I will bet you are thinking, “How can he be excited to see knights when he cannot stand nobles?” Well, he dreamed about being a knight, however, he knew or he thought it was never going to happen, for two reasons: a) he would never fight for men like Thomas Leodegrance, Cenred and Odin. b) He was not a noble and every kingdom he had heard, the knights were all nobles. Nevertheless, if his master were at least decent he could even learn how to fight with a sword. I know it is hard to believe though; Arthur had no idea how to fight before he arrived in Camelot. I am sure this is a shock for you. After three and a half days of traveling on foot, Arthur found himself entering the gates of the kingdom he was destined to rule. He was marvelous of the beauty and greatest of Camelot. Thomas Leodegrance could be a tyrant but he built an admirable and strong reign. He walked through the castle not sure where to go, his father had told him he should ask for Hunith but he was not quite sure to whom; that was the moment he heard someone scream his name. “Arthur!” he saw a young boy run towards him, with black hair and blue eyes. He would recognize that stick out ears anywhere. He waved to the boy

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