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AP Language Book Report Quarter 3 Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser is a gripping novel about a spontanious 18-year old girl named Caroline searching to live the ¨American Dream¨. This novel is a romance, revealing how Carrie went from living a dull life in Wisconsin to living with her sister in the active streets of Chicago to later become an actress. On the road to fame, she twisted her morals and when against the social normalities. Carrie, young and naive, was tired of living in Wisconsin with her parents so she decided to move in with her sister Minnie in Chicago but on her train ride there, she exchanged contact information with a man of the name Charles Drouet because of his attraction to her simplicity. She later regrets this because…show more content…
Their conversation led him to again fall for her grace and allurement, but was surprised when he she revealed the poverty she had been living in since she quit her job. He invited her out to dinner where they talked about her dreams and goals to be an actress - to work in the theatre atmosphere. He materialistic won her heart and convinced her to move out of her sister's house to live in riches with him. While living with Drouet he introduces her to the manager of Fitzgerald and Moy’s, George Hurstwood, who was astounded by Carrie's beauty as well causing them to have an…show more content…
There was always something going on creating suspense, I was always eager to find out what came next. Because of the drama, secrets and affairs in this tale, I feel the audience was intended to be females in their late teens, early twenties. The most interesting part of the book was when Carrie and Hurstwoods’ affair was revealed to not only his wife and children but Drouet as well. When Drouet found out he was more hurt and pessimistic about his love life than enraged. That part of the story was most definitely the climax; intense and had me at the edge of my

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