Why Do We Eat More Bugs Rhetorical Analysis

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The world food problem has given the world a wake up call. In the days of the 21st century, there are too many people and not enough farmland to help feed millions of people. The FOA (Food and Agriculture Organization) has proposed eating insects to end the world food problem. In the article “UN recommends eating more bugs” as reported by the Why Files, David J. Tenenbaum builds an argument that eating insects as a source of protein in animal and human diets can help solve the world food problem. The author’s use of facts/evidence, text features, and words choice help strengthen the logic and persuasiveness of his argument. The first way to end the world food problem is to convince more people to eat insects. In the “UN recommends eating…show more content…
For most Westerner’s eating bugs seems like something out of the ordinary. For many, it’s the “yuck” factor that drives many people away from it. The author’s use of pictures help to give the reader an idea of what food items combined with different bugs look like. At first, I would have thought that people would just eat bugs plain. But when I saw that bugs were incorporated with Western foods like tacos, it kind of convinced me that the bugs might not be as bad it…show more content…
Constantly throughout the text you will see quotes from different people reacting to the taste of bugs. Under the sub-heading “Lovin’ Larvae”, Pellitteri says, “were almost like little Cheetos”. For most Westerners especially in the United States, Cheetos are seen as a nice snack. In most cases many people wouldn’t mind eating Cheetos on a regular basis. His word choice also appeals to the feelings and thoughts of a “first time bug eater”. He states that there are two groups of people when they eat a bug for the first time. Some people respond to their first bite with “a scary disgust, they get these odd expressions, swallow and thing ‘Oh my gosh!’ and wait for something terrible to happen” But the other group of people would take a bite and their face would register surprise. Then they end up enjoying the bug. His stylistic approach helps to make the consumption of bugs not so bad. He adds bugs with western delicacies like chocolate and traditional seasonings like onions, pepper, and salt. He also talks about the way the insects are prepared including it being deep fired or being braised. Clearly, he is trying to appeal to your senses with savory words that make the insects just a little more

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