Gary Weckselblatt's 'Reaching His Peak'

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"Reaching His Peak" by Gary Weckselblatt is a heart wrenching story, told by an author's perspective of how a disabled man overcame fear and disability to become a great role model for kids just like me.The story portrays Spencer West, a man who lost both of his legs as he was a child. He has fought through many hardships that even I don’t know how I would deal. Climbing mountains and bullying are a few of the many hardships that he has faced. These made him the person he is today. Spencer West's message was to never give up and always be happy. Even though many problems brought him down, he never gave up and look where it got him. He tried to always stay positive and happy and really thought me to, too. I have experienced a few hardships in my day…show more content…
It had happened after I had come home one day after a soccer game. The house was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. After walking to each of my siblings, I knew something was up. I went over to my parents bedroom to see my mom holding a picture with tears rolling down her face. I gave her a big hug but looked at the picture. it was my a big family picture with everyone hugging my great grandma. Then my mom said, "im sorry we didn’t tell you before the game, before we didn’t want you to worry." I didn’t understand what she meant. What happened to my gg? Where is she? When will I see her again? NO one ever explained the whole dying thing to me before. I went on the week without a care in the world. I thought my mom was just crying before she wouldn’t see her for a while, but I was mistaken. Then a week later, we drove 2 hours to New York. I went to her house but didn’t see her. I ran to the back porch, where she always sat and just sat there for a while. I thought when I went inside, she would magically reappear but she wasn't there. All sad, I The next day, I had to get dressed up in all black. MY mom gave me a red rose when we got in the car. MY dad was already crying, and that was a sight I have never

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